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Zhejiang exit amplitude continues situation of foreign trade of fall after a ris
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Hangzhou of Xinhua News Agency on September 25 report (reporter Yue Deliang) this year 1-8 month, amplitude of Zhejiang province exit continues fall after a rise, foreign trade situation still austere. This is Zhejiang province hair changes appoint the saves economic situation to monitor an analysis to give out completely judgement that integrated place issues 25 days.

1-8 month, zhejiang saves amount of imports and exports to reach one hundred and forty-four billion and twenty million dollar completely, grow 26.3% , amplitude is compared the corresponding period was mixed last year this year first quarter fall after a rise 3.4 with 0.7 percent, increase 0.9 percent than first half of the year. Among them

August, amount of complete province imports and exports twenty billion two hundred and fifteen million dollar, grow 22% , amplitude is compared the corresponding period increased 1.7 percent last year, than going up lunar fall after a rise 5.2 percent. Among them, exit is added fast somewhat fall after a rise, exit forehead amounts to forteen billion eight hundred and fifty-two million dollar, grow 20% , amplitude under last year the corresponding period 1.6 percent, than going up lunar fall after a rise 0.4 percent; Import 5.363 billion dollar, grow 28% , amplitude is fast last year the corresponding period 11.5 percent.

Current, world economy lasts the pattern of " of old " fast growth, low inflation already produced fundamental change, second the external demand atrophy that borrows the crisis to cause makes amplitude of Zhejiang province foreign trade appears bigger fall after a rise. Zhejiang province hair changes appoint express, from at present the trend looks, world economy especially US-led main developed country is entered likely low fan period, phasic all the more is austere. In economy of beautiful, day, Europe while system of 3 old economy is atrophic, what also caused rising market exit is fast drop. The RMB is right since 2 quarters of yen, euro go strong continuously, plant to these money the competition ability that the rise of exchange rate will weaken Zhejiang to save these pair of countries and area exporter to taste further, foreign trade exit faces more grim challenge. (be over)

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