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My massage network to lead the industry trend of e-commerce
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Increasingly rapid pace of modern life, after a busy day to run around, if they can at home, a cup of hot tea, massage your eyes with a massage, cervical, lumbar undoubtedly effective in relieving fatigue and stress. Vast market demand Let massage industry will become increasingly popular, more and more manufacturers, distributors and ran red are among the industry outlook. With winter and the upcoming New Year Spring Festival and other festivals followed, such as massage has health care function like Small household electrical appliances on the market have become hot fashion gifts. How to identify Chinese massage market opportunities, from which a fat share of the profits pie? From Fujian Zhang, an electronics factory from their own experience Talk about some experiences. "The industry has just entered the massage when I actually did not mind the end. The one not familiar with the industry on the massage, massage-related knowledge base is not enough; Secondly, a serious lack of personal connections in this industry." Zhang talking about to The situation of the early days when the emotions. "To develop a network of industry knowledge to add massage, I often take the initiative to visit a number of related businesses. But this time, too inefficient, and sometimes finally get the supply and demand information Also lagging behind. Big Brother was recommended by an industry, I understand that there is a special massage domestic B2B e-commerce industry portals, that is, 'My massage network'. At that time, just like me, every drought Dew! 'My massage Network' on adequate knowledge of massage, to-date industry information, exhibition information, and the national supply and demand information related to my hearty swim the meantime. Was dug in the massage industry The pot of gold came from here. " Not only is Mr. Zhang, the main massage and more companies are from the 'my massage net' benefit. Customers are found here, there are at Harvard, to partners, more high-quality massage in the goods found here Source channels. 'My massage net', as the domestic industry's first network media massage, massage brings together the major manufacturers of supply and demand information and the massage trade shows massage industry information and the latest information. To the unique professional Split vision industry pioneer achievements of China's huge trade massage industry flagship. If that is the SME Alibaba B2B online Kingdom of the industry, then 'My massage net' is the massage industry in the Arab Alibaba. To 'massage my network' in looking for information, looking for buyers, looking for channels, look for business opportunities massage has become the domestic distributor of a large enterprise and consensus. What to produce as the production of healthy, nothing to sell, such as selling healthy. With the deeply rooted concept of health, massage as a health class of small appliances have been more and more people of all ages. Women, men, old people need a Common home massage. Shares if realized this hot business opportunities, identify sources of industry information massage. We will be able in the winter approaching, playing the "warm health card", to 'my massage' online revenue Be fruitful huge opportunity! Massage table, massage belt, mini massager, eye massager ........ great small, portable home, the vast variety of market. So what? Quickly landing 'my massage Net 'for their achievements in the health of the cause of a brilliant light it!
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