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Free massage for more than old Granny
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The morning of November 15, Lixing Village in Wu Quanshan morning market street, two men were selling the name of free signature massage, a lot of elderly people deceived. 8 o'clock in the morning and stopped at the Wuquan Shan Village Morning exercise of a micro-van, a man holding a speaker, shouting: "The company launched special promotions, complimentary massage, to treat cervical disease as well as kinds of elderly patients. "heard a complimentary activities in the morning market to buy vegetables uncle aunt were all conspire micro truck before. After the man began to change the subject. "But the massage on the massage head 3 is not free, but the massage on the head than the market cheaper, 3 as long as 20 yuan." Heard a fee, a few old people left shaking his head, but many people feel that cost-effective, have money to buy a massage. After purchasing a massage, the old people feel right, then call the five springs of Industry and Commerce on the phone. Business personnel to the scene to stop the car the two men continue to sell massage. Business people asked to see the documents, the two men can only produce a direct proof provided by the manufacturer and product certificate. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers confiscated 50 spot massage, the two men back to the business of the investigation. Business people said that the massage will be sent to the Drug Administration Department for further examination.
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